System Specifications

Get optimal performance in a compact system, Trilleon™ ,
with clear and crisp audio that easily connects to your tablet/phone device. Trilleon™ ,
gives you the freedom to switch easily between portrait and landscape view modes;
so that you can enjoy videos, music and games to the fullest. With just one 3.5 mm jack does the trick,
so the Trilleon™ is compatible with any iPhone, iPod, iPad and any devices.
* 4 Watts Total Power Output
* Drivers:2 x 1.5" Full Range NdFeB driver+ 2 x 40 x 70mm Passive Membrane Magnetically Shielded
* Audio Input:3.5mm Audio Input
* Power source: Switching Power Adapter
* Functions: Power, Power LED, USB DC Out
* Dimensions: W358 x D118 x H62mm