System Specifications

The Portable Battery Charger features the Apple’s certified 30 pin connector that charges your iPhone and iPod (All models) instantly. It provides back up power to your device anywhere you need it with just 4 AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries, especially in the situation where it is hard to find the original power source, such as a wall outlet or USB power.
The Portable Battery Charger has a built-in USB out jack to conveniently charge other smart phones or any handheld devices using USB power. It also comes with a Micro USB and Mini USB cable to support charging other devices.
It comes with an On/off switch to prevent power leakage when not in use, and LED power indicator of green light indicating charging and red light means battery is low. The BT-10 comes with a LED flashlight function for your emergency use.
• Charges iPhone, iPhone 3G/S , iPod with built-in Apple 30 pin connector
• Charges other smart phones using USB out power
• Uses standard 4 AAA-size batteries or rechargeable batteries
• Provide backup battery and extended hours of playback time
• Emergency LED Flashlight Function